Wings: Such a Heavy Burden to Bear



Standing in a corner

Face buried in hands

Hoping no one sees

Waiting for them to look away

Beauty as radiant as the moon

But the moon has been forgotten over the years

Star-crossed lovers no longer gaze upon its face with wonder

Children no longer speak to it or admire it

It has become only another light in a sea of lights in our sky

But it has not lost its beauty

Just the ability to be noticed

The weeping angel stands bleeding in the corner with her face in her hands

Hoping no one will notice

Hoping that they will turn their faces from her

Only stone

They cannot understand

All alone


Filed under Free Verse

17 responses to “Wings: Such a Heavy Burden to Bear

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  3. sad yet powerful imagery,
    glad to see you in…

    visit and comment for a minimum 18 poets from the participant list, let me know after you are done…

    have fun!

    • Thank you for inviting me to join your group! I am honored!
      My answer to all of your questions is a tentative yes… I’m a little confused about a few of them…
      But I will take them as they come!
      Thanks again!

  4. Ditto, Ji. This is a lovely poem, though poigant. Thank you for sharing it.

    Here for Rally and hope you are enjoying your visits and visitors.

  5. Very sad… what brought the angel to this state of being I wonder. Are you the angel in the corner?

    • I’m not sure what made the angel weep so. I’m not the angel, although I’m sure we all feel like this at times. I saw a statue of a weeping angel and I wondered the same thing as you and was inspired to write this poem. I’m glad it made you sad (not because I like to see people sad) because that was the desired affect. I hope you liked it!

  6. I hope you can unload those wings. 🙂 Nice.

  7. kyoichi

    “the moon needs a new advertising manager” would be something optimistic to say.

    i felt invisible after reading this. hope everything looks up after this.


    • I’m sorry I made you feel invisible! That wasn’t my intention! I like the line you suggested, it made me giggle! But that wasn’t the point of the poem I wrote. The point was to make you feel a bit empty, and having an optimistic line would have changed the meaning… but, in the future I will try to balance feeling better!

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  9. I liked the symbolizim the Angel the wings, the holding her head in her hands. It made me a bit sad. But in a good way.

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