Happy New Year

2011 approaches

and all are preparing

the lists of good deeds

and better acts

that they won’t accomplish

this year

2011 approaches

with the promise of the drop of the ball

and every year

I am disappointed

as the ball is not dropped

it is gently lowered

2011 approaches

another year

of life gone by

with the things I promised to do

and say

still unachieved



Filed under Free Verse, Memoir

17 responses to “Happy New Year

  1. life could be disappointing…

    keep trying, good luck for 2011.
    Thanks for sharing.


  2. That ball *not* dropping gets me every time! Maybe next year, I’ll lower my expectations for their lowering the ball. ;~)

  3. I prefer to look at things not yet done as things that will succumb. Here’s to a happy new year and a new list.. ..smiles..

  4. Another year and another ball “Is Lowered” to start of your beautiful poem. Thank you for sharing this treasure. Happy New Year and best wishes for a life filled with poetry and love, from family and friends.

  5. I wonder how we can change the dynamic from not doing or not saying into something we know we will do/say? Or maybe imposing an artificial moment in time to become something new is the change that needs to happen?

    Thanks for getting my brain going this morning!

  6. so true. Happy New Year! 🙂

  7. ball not dropped, but lowered…I hear you! great image

  8. This year instead of promising, become resolved to reach your goals.

    I like how you capture those best laid plans we all make, very insightful.

  9. words nicely put..
    happy rally….

  10. belladonna23

    i really hope this year is better..

  11. I didn’t even make resolutions this year I do every year and I forget all about them in a few days. Great job!

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