An Ode To Nothing

I stayed up late last night

Today my body begged for rest

I curled up in bed and cut off my sight

Swaddled in my blanketed nest

I forced my eyes to see nothing

I closed them and commanded my brain

To be still and do absolutely nothing

To think nothing is against my nature–it cuts against the grain

But this nothing surrounded me in my nest

The nothing comforted me

And I was rewarded with a much-needed rest

To which my body responded jubilantly

And now again I’m swaddled against

This nothingness that is such a blessed rest



Filed under Free Verse

6 responses to “An Ode To Nothing

  1. Jingle

    vivid imagery,
    powerful wriitng.

  2. Well done. Nice submission to Rally. I’ll be back to read more, but have been please with the four or five I’ve read so far. Congratulations on some good work. I appreciate your values.

    Poem on …

    Best wishes for 2011.

    • Thank you! I’m glad you like my work! Some people don’t like whenever nouns are verbified, but I like how you transform poem into a verb. That is my new verb of the week!

  3. It’s nice to get lost in one’s own universe sometimes, eh?

    Nice one.


  4. This nothingness that is such a blessed rest.

    It is very similar to mine – Loved it!

  5. Very nice poem. I am quite familiar with that cycle… getting close to crawling in the nest now. 🙂

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