Post per Week 2011 Challenge

Hello, everyone

My name is Aynsley, and I have decided to start this blog. Many of you have already read some of it and know what I’m up to, so I won’t bore you with the details, but anyway, I know that I’m almost two months late, but for the last 10 and1/2 months of the year, I am going to make it my goal to write at least one post per week. Woot!

I mostly think in poetry, so most of my posts will be poems. If you don’t like what you read here, go find a different blog (or you may, kindly, tell me you hate what you read and then I will probably try to write something that will please you).

I hope you like what you read and are kind enough to tell me what you think about it with comments and likes and all those pretty little gadgets that are floating around on the blog.

Well, now that I’ve subscribed to the special “daily press” blady blah thingamabob, I am committed. The main reason for this particular post is that as soon as I say it out loud, I have to do it.

Keep me accountable!





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2 responses to “Post per Week 2011 Challenge

  1. Hello Aynsley
    Some interesting poetry here, well done.
    Your note to yourself about one day at a time. Try savouring the moment gazing into your tea and anticipating how it will taste, the beauty of the cup and the physics of the boiled water sending steam into the air.
    enjoy your blogging. Best wishes 😉

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