One Sip at a Time

You know,

I have always been bad at delayed gratification.

This is not my normal train of thought, but something that was brought to my attention this morning as I was preparing my tea. I had a little more time than usual, so I as soon as I had finished making my tea; I had time to enjoy it. As I took the first sip, I realized it was hot. And I know that sounds really stupid. Usually, I have no time to enjoy my tea as soon as it is made, and I have to wait until it is lukewarm. But this morning, my tea burned my tongue. I hated my tea for doing that to me. Obviously, the tea did nothing, but I felt as if I had been wronged somehow by the tea—it didn’t normally do something so hateful to me… So then I put enough ice in it so that if I took a sip, I would actually be able to feel the inside of my mouth afterwards.

But then it occurred to me—I do this with everything.

Not put ice in it, but I can’t wait for anything. I have to buy a whole season of a TV show on DVD so that I can watch it all at once and don’t have to wait a week between each viewing. It bugs me whenever people don’t respond to my emails in 20 seconds, I don’t wait for my tea to slowly cool down while I hold it in my hands…

Everything is NOW


It bothers me that I am like this

I have this list of things about my life that I want to change, and now that I realize that this is one of my follies, this has become something that I want to change.

What are some of the other things? You ask.

Stupid stuff:

  • Talking to loudly (all of the time, I am freaking LOUD and I don’t realize it until it is wayyy to late)
  • Not letting others talk in a conversation (I am that annoying person that you know that always dominates the conversation and never lets anyone else get a word in edgewise—I really am trying to change that, I promise)
  • A really annoying laugh (I haven’t actually figured out how to change this, but everyone hates my laugh—including me)

So this is part 1,000,000,000 of the never-ending campaign to fix all of the weird problems that are wrong with me

Delayed gratification—one sip at a time




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2 responses to “One Sip at a Time

  1. Actually, I loved it!

    Let’s see how soon I answer- I mean I wish to post my answer in my blog and link it to yours! I promise, you’ll savor each word of it.. 🙂

    Just go watch some TV or read a magazine
    Easy (I’m trying that myself- lols)


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