So angry I can hardly breathe

colors fly before my eyes as I pass through different stages of rage

you sent me your little sob story and I read it

I listened to the sad little song

heard your indignant little cries

of how everyone hates you

you just want me to trust you

just want to be friends

I’ve seen this little charade

I know of the lies behind it

know how you only want to get close enough to get what you want

then leave without a trace

I want you to leave me alone

I want you to never come back

but I know if I say that to you

you’ll weep

and tell me for years of how I broke your heart

but I didn’t want your heart to break

I never wanted your heart

but you gave it to me anyway

You gave it to me and I tried to give it back

but you wouldn’t take it

wanted me to keep it and lock it up tight

I did

and forgot about it

forgot about the thing I didn’t want

so I tripped over it

and wounded it

I didn’t want to

I didn’t mean to

I wanted to give it back

and now it is my fault that you are hurting

My fault that the world is against you

I didn’t want this responsability

I didn’t want this responsibility

I didn’t want this responsibility

and now you are trying to make me feel guilty

trying to make me feel sad and guilty

Well, it didn’t work

now I’m just angry

so angry, my sentences don’t make sense

So angry, I can hardly breathe


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Filed under Free Verse, Memoir

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