For Eric

I found a picture of us

deep within a drawer that I had forgotten about

You’re so young

I guess I am too

but it has been so long since I’ve seen you

and this picture reminds me just how long

Maybe you remember this picture

At summer camp, an eternity ago

I’m four years old

you–almost five

And we–best friends

as we were sure we always would be

I didn’t think that I would ever go a week without seeing you

and now

it has been at least four years since I talked to you last

I didn’t realize how much I missed you

until I saw this picture

and a wave of sentimental emotion washed over me

We were best friends

and then, suddenly,

we weren’t

I wonder what would have happened

if my family hadn’t moved away

Would we still be inseprable?

Would we still see each other week after week?

I like to think so,

but of course people change

I hope that some day I’ll see you again, my friend

I hope that one day, it’ll be like it was when we were four

Because I miss being that close to someone

I miss playing with you

I miss having a friend as good as you

I miss my childhood best friend

I miss you


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