The Moon who made a Star

Your love is like moonlight

always shining over me

but not always visible

when clouds cover it

it is only shielded from my perspective

but it is still shining

bathing me in soft, beautiful light

making me more beautiful than I am

And just like the moon

You kissed me ’till the dawn of night

then kissed me ’till the very first light

And you shine brighter with my love

shine ever brighter, with me, my love

You’ve made a star of me

I’m not as bright as you

but together we’ll shine all night long

With the moon and the stars and no one else

We’re the moon and the stars and nothing else

Come shine with me

We’ll shine all night long

We’ll shine all eternity long

And they’ll all tell songs of our love

They’ll sing of the brightness of our love

As we shine over the world

As we bring love to the world


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