For Tristan

The volume to my laughter

the sun in my day

the skip in my step

the smile on my face

the ketchup on my ice cream

the awkward in my dinner conversation

the Old Spice in my armpit

my black at heart

the speech in my mouth

the victory dance that we all need (but could maybe do without so often)

beyond good and evil

the prescription for my brain

a necessity for my every day

Fo’ shiz’ you are

My best friend

My little brother



Filed under Free Verse

13 responses to “For Tristan

  1. Old spice and ketchup ice cream! Surely the only poem to ever contain these items. Nice. 😀

  2. rick and tasty words here,
    cool write.

    have fun in the potluck.

  3. I mean rich, not rick. oops.

    and tasty words here,

    not all brothers are prescriptions to their sisters. lucky you.lucky him.
    bless both.

    • Hahaha thanks Jingle!
      The “prescription” was actually one day when my brain was really not working and me and mi hermanito were having a lot of fun together, but I kept saying really stupid things. So he said, “Aynsley, I’m writing you a prescription for one brain.” He always makes me laugh, and laughter is the best medicine!
      I am very lucky to have Tristan! You are right!
      Thanks Jingle! This was my favorite poem to write!

  4. wow a myriad mix of love! well done! awesome!

  5. love it especially the twists of old spice and ketchup

  6. I got a kick out of this. It could’ve been my little brother writing about me.
    Nicely done!

    • Oh yeah, Tristan’s quite a card… He’s amazing, and I wish this poem could capture his essence, but it doesn’t even come close. He’s so great!

  7. great poem. sweet. made me giggle a bit.

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