Goodbye to a Dear Friend

She is so afraid

but she disguises that fear as love

the love for a boy who is to young to know how to love her back

But she is so blinded by this fearful love

that she is afraid to make him jealous

afraid to make friends

afraid to have fun

she already said “yes” to a boy who doesn’t know what love is

or how even to be able to love eternally

Her devotion is sickening

Because we

her friends-before-love

know that he does not love her back

just asked for her hand

to make all the other boys jealous of him

but he doesn’t want her to stay forever

He is to young to know what love is

but old enough to inflict pain

old enough to get what he wants

those of whom he is jealous better not stand in the way

which is why we had to wave goodbye to her

long, long ago



Filed under dialouge, Free Verse, Memoir

2 responses to “Goodbye to a Dear Friend

  1. jon Raftery

    wow, Chica,………………………ummmmmmmmmmmm WOW . . the eternal truth of that situation in too many girls lives is very sad…The way you voiced it is pretty amazing . . .keep up the good work, letting your soul flow through verse and deep thinking……………

  2. Thanks!
    This was actually written about a girl I knew who said yes to a 16-year-old boy who proposed to her with a $10 ring…
    I’ll miss her a lot

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