To Him Who Saves

Lord, you have tried me and you know me

you see me in my deepest thoughts and in my brightest days

Lord, I am not worthy of a King that would show such devotion

a God who would love me so much.

Lord, you have seen me sin against you

you know what I am thinking deep within my brain

Lord, you know my thoughts are not always pure

my actions are not always shining in your light

Lord, thou hast forgiven me

a greater gift than one could ever ask for

Lord, you see me bathed in your white light

and that is more than enough for any one mere human

Lord, I stood in shame

You have picked me up and shown me the light

Lord, I was rejected

You have loved me more than I could love you back

Lord, I have sinned

and you have paid the consequences for it

Lord, I am ashamed

You must hurt so much because of me

Lord, I’m sorry

Lord, Forgive me

forgive me

forgive me


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Filed under dialouge, Free Verse, Memoir

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