The Fear of the Lord is Love

Every day, we sin

we make God angry

and sad

and so very dissappointed

Once, when all of his people gave him such grief

he drowned them all

so he wouldn’t have to hear their cries to their idols

what is stopping him from doing the very same thing to us?

We, his unfaithful bride

We, his hateful children

He could drown us out

Or burn us alive


He doesn’t

He loves us

and cares for us

and doesn’t want to see us in pain

He loves me

and you

and everyone else

But most of all, he wants us to try

not to hurt him

to try to love him

to try not to sin

He knows we are human

and he forgives us for our faults

but do not be unafraid

for the Lord your God

is with you


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