Eat, Drink, and be Merry

Seems to clash with this sin

are we not supposed to eat

does God not want us to drink?

Eating’s not a crime

but doing it all the time

Allowing it to lord over you

to let food become your life

your only reason for being

How could one serve two masters?

One cannot serve both God and food

In the same way, one cannot serve an idol and still expect God not to be angry with them

I live in the world’s fattest country

I am a glutton

Food cannot save me

Food cannot love me

yes, it is comforting

but it does not speak

it does not live

it does not save

For the sake of the one who can

I will fast for thee today


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One response to “Gluttony

  1. Nicely expressed. It’s a difficult task to sort the details of desire verses duty.

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