The Last Concert

Every muscle in my body aches

but I smile at the feeling

knowing that it came from sitting prim and propper

yesterday, the best night of my life

each note played perfectly

every pitch in tune

the rhythm counted

in perfect time

the whole section following

just behind

a mark on my jaw

where the chin rest laid

the black tips of my fingers

where I played each note

a sore in my back

three hours of good posture

strains in my leg

tapping my foot in time.

fingertip to shoulder blade

hurts from holding the violin too long

too content

too utterly blissful to care

An overture,

a symphony,

and a sonata

played all just perfectly

Conductor smiles from the podium

Mozart and Hayden grin from their graves

and a 31-piece chamber orchestra

gave the best concert of the season

maybe the best concert of their lives

all beaming from the ends of their scrolls

to the tips of their bows



Filed under Free Verse, Memoir

8 responses to “The Last Concert

  1. Oh So Lovely ! A moment of artistic perfection is well captured here. I do admire violinists , it is a lovely instrument and I loved the way you made Mozart and Hayden grin! You captured every nuance of the performance so flawlessly!

  2. Bravo! This is wonderful … for the love of the music and the love of playing, eh? Memorable. Thank you.

  3. Flawless performance on stage and on page! \(^o^)/ Bravo!

  4. Descriptive powers packed in poetic prettiness.

    • Thank you!
      I like being called pretty!
      (I am disappointed that you can’t hear the tone of my voice when I type this, it is not as pretentious as it looks)

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