I thought I loved you

turns out, I was wrong

I romanticized our affection

blew it way out of proportion

and called it love

I was so inexperienced

So new to life and love

I didn’t know what I was doing

I guess I was in love

in a way

in love with the idea

of being in love with you

but never had I actually

for a moment

been in love with you

So forgive me if this seems sudden

rude, impertinent

but I am so afraid to face


because only fear is facing me

But we must stop pretending

rid ourselves of this charade

I’m sorry

but I need nothing more than to

let go



Filed under dialouge, Free Verse, Letter, Memoir

6 responses to ““Love”

  1. love can not be explained.
    well done.

  2. A.B. Thomas

    Oh the folly of self deception, fantastic write!

  3. sometimes it is hard to face our feelings and truly know how we feel,
    faced head on this speaks true. loved it


  4. A familiar and sad story. I love the way you’ve told it. Very painfully nicely done.

  5. well done loved this piece

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