Dear Rebecca Black Haters:

Rebecca Black is not as bad as we have made her out to be. True, she may never make it to number 1 on the charts, but we have created a society of haters. If you have never heard of Jan Teri, maybe you should look her up on youtube. She is awful, much much much worse than Miss Black, and yet she doesn’t have over ten million dislikes.

There are a few things we need to know about this music video before we can go on. Mrs. Black (Rebecca’s mom) spent a few thousand dollars for her daughter’s 13th birthday so that she could be the star of her own music video. Now, it may disgust some of you that a mother would spend that much money on their daughter’s 13th, but many people do that (if they are rich enough) and it is not a crime (last time I checked).

One of the main problems that people have with the song “Friday” is that it’s lyrics are… well, stupid.

Yesterday was Thursday,

Today it is Friday,

Tomorrow is Saturday,

and Sunday comes Afterwards.

There are two things that people don’t realize about her though:

  1. She did not write the lyrics to that song (If you’re wondering who did, it’s the rapper guy in the car that randomly shows up about halfway through the video).
  2. She’s 13 and her Mother paid for the video. If you have children, you may understand this situation. If you are like me, and don’t, it’s not that hard to picture: No mother is going to want their (just barely a teenager) daughter to sing like Rihanna or Shakira, whose main song topics are usually about sex, drugs, alcohol, have interesting word choice or some variation thereof. In fact, there are not that many popular songs that I, being a teenager, would be comfortable listening to with my parents, because I’m sure they would deem these tunes “inappropriate”.

Conclusion: You cannot blame Rebecca Black for writing dumb lyrics. You cannot blame her mother for refusing to let Mr. Songwriter write anything “inappropriate”.

Before I finish this ridiculously long post, let me just say that no one deserves to be hated that much. No 13-year-old deserves to be hated that much. I have a brother that is just that age, and if anyone was telling him the things that have been said to Miss. Black, I might kill them. Did you know that she has to walk around with a police escort now because she has begun to receive death threats? Death Threats? Really? She sang a song that she didn’t write because her mother gave her the birthday present of  what many, including me, dream of: 10 minutes of fame (which, because of our hateful nation turned into a nation of infamy) and just because it wasn’t as stellar as those who make it to the radio and get their own record labels and are on MTV (Ah, the days when MTV actually played music videos), that’s enough to send a 13-year-old child a Death Threat? One thing I saw on a social networking site read “Dear Rebecca Black, you suck. Go cut yourself and die.” What kind of monster does that? What kind of person could have so much hate in their heart to say such a thing to a 13-year-old? We have developed a society of people who hate just to hate. Rebecca Black is not a bad person, and she certainly did nothing to merit such words of hate and a police escort. If someone who truly sucks (i.e. Jan Teri) cannot generate thousands of dislikes or a police escort, What makes the Birthday present of a 13-year-old deserve that?

I have respect for Rebecca Black. She had the gumption to memorize a brand-new song, be videotaped along with many of her friends, sing in front of a camera, then post the video where millions would see it, effectually singing for millions of people. How many of those reading this can claim to have done the same? She has more courage and voice talent than I will ever have and you are condemning her because some guy in an audio booth used too much autotune on her voice, her proud mother spammed the video to everyone she knows, and because the song she was singing (but didn’t write) had dumb lyrics. Yeah… I can see how this is all her fault and really deserves death threats.

If you, Rebecca Black, ever read this, I want you to know that my brother and I actually liked your song, and we sing it pretty much every day. I hope that no one ever hates you so much that it makes you hate yourself. I hope you find true happiness.




Rebecca Black is richer right now than you will ever be.



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4 responses to “Dear Rebecca Black Haters:

  1. You should make this post into a music video. And send it to Mrs. Black (the mother). 😀

  2. I agree with you. I wasnt aware of this “gossip”, but when I read the title of your post I instantly googled it. Leave her alone! What´s the problem?

  3. Alive aLwaYs

    I do understand your belief but with fame comes monsters (not gaga).
    There are many dummy singers who auto tune, but the fact that they don’t get that many views is the reason they are not exposed.
    In my opinion, she should not have done the video (yeah, but people say I give excellent suggestions after the consequences are met), people will talk, its like a whole world out there, you cannot avoid. The fact she might never be recognized in future, is a tragedy upon her, even if she sings good later.

    As for the song, its kind of addictive, right? As for the review, generally people see the reviews first and then give, implying they imitate. As for threats, who is the freak!!

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