What invention do you need most right now?

So, I am part of this Post-per-week 2011 thing, and they send me an email with a prompt, which I usually write down and put in my pocket because they are excellent conversation starters, but I never write a post on them because my blog is aiming for something completely different then just stream of conscience… but I have been having a horrible time getting inspiration for anything lately, (which I am blaming on my ever-lengthening string of bad days) and this was something I automatically had an answer for.

It’s name is antidepressant chocolate.

It is chocolate filled with happy pills. But not only does it do that, it gets you to a place where you are totally relaxed and it gets you in a place where you are like tripping on acid, without killing any braincells. Scientists have developed it side-by-side with world-class chefs to create the most delicious, most sense-invoking  food out there that made you feel a lot better about everything.

Why no one will listen to me, I know not, but this invention would be frikkin’ sweet!



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2 responses to “What invention do you need most right now?

  1. jon Raftery

    i want to buy a box of them, sort of like a “Whitmans Sampler”, some should have nuts or creamy filling, too. We will need a glass of SPECIAL MILK with that too, milk that makes you ONLY think of the most pleasant days of your life, when you were laughing freely. * reaches for a tall glass *

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