Everything Under the Sun

Everything lies

in wait for the night

in wait for the cool

the day to come

the creatures come out of their hiding

where the shade concealed them from the day

tortured by the light

they shudder and hide away

But lo!

Not one thing can hide

it creeps into every corner

the light into the dark

the light into the dark

Why can’t it just go away!

leave us!

Leave us!

they say

the light into the dark

will never go away

penetrating all


with it’s sharp

12 hour glare

Everything under the sun

hides where the sun cannot see

Hides even

when no one is there



Filed under Free Verse

7 responses to “Everything Under the Sun

  1. hmmm I like, as it made me think of why they would and why the sun still shines etc… I like pieces with layers, enjoy the potluck!!!


  2. very cool this one. images invoked

  3. This summer has been brutal in some places. This brings out the feelings a lot of people have felt as of late.

  4. The sun and its light are an awesome thing. I don’t want to hide!
    Very nicely done. Good one!

  5. love the nature imagery, superb entry.


  6. I love sunlight, but I hate the heat of the sun.
    Wonderful imagery.

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. I enjoyed the verbal visuals in this piece 🙂

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