The Voices that Knew they didn’t Listen

In the morning light so sweet and somber

Their laughter filled the playground

and later on when they left it

it was still ringing with the sound

They went home and prayed to the gods

the ones they knew didn’t exist

and they bowed their heads and held their breath

because they knew no one was list’ning

They thought if they just held in their breath

they would come to bear them away

they all held their breath

for the salvation never to come

And all the people were laughing at God

at night while everyone was sleeping

And as they listened to the dogma

all their voices were dripping with sarcasm

Just don’t breathe a breath

He’ll still come back home for you

Don’t breathe one breath

He’ll be waiting there for you



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9 responses to “The Voices that Knew they didn’t Listen

  1. Lo vely short story with a few morals sewn into the inside pocket.

  2. The secret is to listen.

  3. The old ones “were laughing at God” and “dripping with sarcasm”. The young ones had better sense, until they got old, too. A sad commentary.

  4. listening is important at times.

    you have captured the feel at night when one tries to feel the world beautifully.


  5. Sometimes they listen, but fail to hear. Sad…

  6. everyone has their life to lead and their own thoughts about it. if people agree with you on this or not is not important. This is a poem and a good one.

  7. I don’t believe in God in a paternalistic sense in a human-like sense. I believe in the Tao. In opening up and surrendering, following your own path. Rather than closing down and waiting for some sign to come to you . We already know innately where we belong even if we’ve forgotten for the time. This is a very intense poem I really like the idea of them holding their breath hoping against hope.

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