The Words that Just won’t come

Anger flows

through my veins

in my fingers

mixes with

ink on the page

turning it red

turning it red

and I can’t seem

to find the words

to find any words

to express anything

and so this page

this bloody page

remains blank

remains blank

as angrily I stare at it

the anger flows

through my veins

into my fingers

onto the page



Filed under Free Verse

15 responses to “The Words that Just won’t come

  1. And yet in a way you did find the words…

  2. hard to find the words to express your emotions,
    this happens to all of us.

    amazing write. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Beautiful site, stunning artwork. The format of the poetry works well for the stark sentiment portrayed. The repetition is a reminder that overuse kills, and the frustration being inked out feels like that, with killing the page through verbiage. Reader easily gets the point of the work, clear and concise.

  4. oh yes this falls right into my wheel house. I really like this one a lot. great job and happy rally

  5. You are a multiverse of words, bloody and otherwise. Always an inspiration.

  6. I know this feeling very well

  7. very well expressed.

  8. When all else fails, frustration is there to inspire us. Great writing.

  9. Ina

    A good poem, it describes very well how it can be quite a struggle to write.

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