Bloody Tears

Mistakes and lies swirl around this lonely little girl

who did it just because she had no one

and now her life, filled with regret

will never be filled with anyone

She weeps inside her mind’s corner

hoping they all will turn away

but they all just stand there staring

hoping she’ll reveal her dirty secrets

so she hopped on that train of thought

and decided to run far, far away

and all the people got very angry

and turned violent in dismay

why can’t they leave their thoughts?

why can’t she just learn to ignore?

But the person she was remains

Hoping she would be herself no more

but this useless girl remains

bleeding out “Forgive me please! Forevermore!”

to this day she begs forgiveness

hoping that someone will listen

and yet she doesn’t know,  nor will she

if anyone heard or if they silently listened



Filed under Free Verse, Memoir

11 responses to “Bloody Tears

  1. Let her move in that train of thought
    Let the train journey take her away
    Away from all the swirls around her
    Let her become the little girl
    Who forgets and forgives
    Yet not lonely anymore!

    • Wow!
      You’re good.
      This is a better ending… if I had been having a better day it may have ended like this…
      I like your style!
      Thanks for the suggestion

  2. Full of emotion and pain. I’ve always thought that, for whatever reason, sadness inspires writers especially well. I’ve had many of these feelings before, but have been unable to verbalize them. Thank you for doing so 🙂

  3. If only she could forgive herself, tomorrow will be the first day of the rest of her life. Thanks for your visit.

  4. We are the unforgiven sick poets, failing and falling and never forgetting blood is mandated by life.

  5. What mistakes did the girl do? Shouldn’t she be forgiven?

  6. Tears!

    Sad but well and sensitively written. Kudos!

  7. beautiful story…


    most of the time, we do and are in charge of our life.

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