The Girl you made me

and inside here

he can’t see me crying

how much it has hurt

just to see him there

and I’m hurting

really hurting

but he doesn’t seem to care

how he turned away from me

and made me hate myself

for who I have become

because of what he did to me

and neither God in Heaven above

nor me, myself, or I

can forgive me for what I have become

so you may have well

left me here to die



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12 responses to “The Girl you made me

  1. xxxxx this came from a painful place as it transferred to my heart 😦 you wrote it well!!! 🙂
    Here’s my offering:

  2. Write! Write! write! You command the words. Feel this! Hear this! And the reader is left at your feet. 🙂 Great piece!

  3. This is a good poem in terms of expressing despair, hopelessness… I have to accept that we are transformed because of what other people do to us. Yet, if that transformation is positive or negative doesn’t depend on them but on us. Only us. I just cannot accept the idea of hating yourself because of that!

  4. Your writing is always full of hurt and pain–even a sense of hopelessness. I do hope it is merely peotic and not true. Very good one here, Aynsley!

  5. beautiful expression,

    please never feel sorry, sin started with Adam and Eve, and then we are all sinned, feel great.

    you rock.
    profound poetry.

  6. your writing is powerful and haunting.

    bless you.

  7. Always remember, you are more, much more, than the opinion of other people.

  8. talented piece.

    smiles, keep it up.

  9. the sharpest knife shapes everything to perfection.. i know you are strong enough not to let things like this let you down.. nice write though and glad to be of acquaintance back thru gooseberry!

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