Spring Cleaning

Stalking around the room

Throwing bits of her life into the laundry basket

Knowing that next week they would come back

Washed of the blood they had been stained with

From the kills she had made earlier that morning

Fighting the anger bubbling beneath the surface

One thing after another filled the basket
Until it could hold no more

She needed space

A basket that could hold her life

Because nothing could abide the blood

Nothing could withstand the hate

There was too much that needed cleansing

And she knew that sooner than these would come back clean

There would be more than enough to take its place

She nestled herself in the gory overflow

And begged for it to go away

Prayed that He would bear it away

Before she drowned in the remains



Filed under Free Verse

2 responses to “Spring Cleaning

  1. Can the blood be washed off
    Can it remove all its stain
    Will it praying or begging help?
    May her just forget what happened
    Let her assume it never happened!

  2. This seems written in blood. Intense emotions.

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