The Beat of his Heart

He curled up in his little corner

So that he could listen to the sound of his heartbeat

And he thought of the days so long forgotten

The day that she stood by his side

That same day, the one his father disowned him

And he began just to listen

To the fate of him and the people around him

Although they knew not what he could do

He heard them and he tried to help them

But they just laughed in their dismal disbelief

And now he, so lost and lonely

Curls up in his little corner

Concentrating, oh so silently

On the lonely sound of his heartbeat



Filed under Free Verse

3 responses to “The Beat of his Heart

  1. I could hear his lonely heart beat
    I am waiting for him to stand up
    Against all the odds of the world
    With her beside him
    For he is strongest when he is with her!

  2. visual and vivid imagery, I can almost hear his heartbeat.


  3. This is so sad and the imagery is heart-breaking

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