What is there to Smile About?

Who is laughing with you

through the pain?

Who nods and smiles

when you’ve lost everything?

Who is happy for you

when there’s nothing left to gain?

When you’ve lost your purpose

who is left grinning?

We’re all enamored

with ourselves

and think we’ve got life

all figured out

But we are the best

we’ll ever be

In moments when life

cases only pain

When we’ve lost



without meaning

Who do you want

to be in the Pain?

Who will you be

when you’ve lost everything?

What will you do

when there’s nothing left to gain?

Is your purpose in life

always the same?



Filed under dialouge, Free Verse, Letter, Memoir

9 responses to “What is there to Smile About?

  1. Sad and painful questions … if there is nothing left to gain, you will get up and create something to do so, you can do anything else, but give up!

  2. something to contemplate.. sad yet interesting to wonder about who is really there for you? a wake-up call

  3. Sounds like you’ve got some work ahead of you. There are people there.

  4. I really had to think about the questions posed in this poem and surprised myself with an answer or two. Very poetically. Thank you.

  5. Well considered piece.

    You are featured here today:

    Good luck with all! 🙂


  6. love it,

    perfect rhyming,
    Happy Sunday.

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