Learn to Fly

If you could grow wings

Where would you fly?

Would you leave these things

To plunge into the sky?

Would you go where only your dreams had lived?

Or soar beyond life’s woeful sores?

To a place where to dreams life has been gived

So that they can live and thrive and more?

Or gallant hero would you become?

Flying hither and thither and to and fro

Saving innocent from moral scum

and watching from above the world below?

Or stay, would you, where life isĀ simplest?

Where comfortable is life and everything in it?

And let your wings fall meaningless

as you continue life where you now fit

Answer my question with comment below

and compare answers with your friends

and soon I hope you all will know

this Question never ends.



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4 responses to “Learn to Fly

  1. I would seek to know the thought
    In the mind of the Giver
    When He conceived
    The days of my life
    And pump my wings toward my destiny

  2. A nice thought provoking piece.

    ‘If I had wings,
    In the arms of the winds,
    I would fly wherever they lead me.’

  3. would love to fly,
    only if I have wings.

    fly with a pen is cool.

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