Fold like paper under the weight of meaning.

We use them                                     

Seldom able to say or express

The way we feel.

Through words

Too mediocre

Are they writing their own right now?

With words?

With thoughts?

With actions?

Such a fragmented thought

To be confined to words

But it is the way they work.


Even though these words are too small

There is not enough meaning

They can’t fully capture

We love you.

Happy Birthday

*My brother and I wrote this poem together for our mom’s birthday, and I thought it appropriately fit the theme. Enjoy!



Filed under Free Verse, Letter

9 responses to “Words

  1. cool,
    Happy Birthday to Your Mom..
    this helps your relation with your brother.
    perfect theme fitting.

    Happy Potluck.

    • Thanks, I’ll pass it along!
      Yeah, Tristan’s really talented, and he has such a way with words. I really admire him. It does really help our relationship, I believe.

  2. Awww very sweet, I often feel my words are powerful enough to express what I feel

    • Thanks!
      We weren’t sure that co-writing something was going to work, but it turned out OK.
      However some of us did do more work than others… 😛

  3. lovely that you wrote this with your brother ~ i’m sure it meant more than all the words in the world to your mother.

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