You don’t know me at all

How can you say

that this was all a mistake?

Oh don’t you know that you have hurt me?

How badly do you think

that pene-

trated into my mind?

oh very deep and hurt my


in a way that you

will never know

oh why, why

would you do such a thing?

in such pain

I am hurting, can’t you see?

oh don’t you know that

I cannot handle

such a mistake?

Why did he have to tell you

what was wrong with me?

Oh, why can’t you

figure. it. out?

You don’t know me at all



Filed under Free Verse

6 responses to “You don’t know me at all

  1. powerful emotions, well done,

    feel free to share anything this week at poetry potluck.
    have fun!

  2. the pain radiates from your words! so sad but beautifully written.

  3. Isn’t it awful to be judged by people who don’t know us. Deep emotions and powerul imagery. Hope the writing helped.

  4. Plaintive poem. I like the enjambment that seems to pull the reader through the narrative. Thanks also for your kind comments on my blog, Aynsley.

  5. An eternal conflict in love. Also, a good song by Ben Folds and Regina Spektor.

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