The Brain and the Self

I can only steal for so long

borrowed inspirations–

a great idea, but too long becomes an addiction

kleptomaniac that I am

I am stealing from all who read this

I stole from you

Don’t act surprised

you knew, and you came to see if it was true

but it is

So don’t do it anymore

they’re getting suspicious

What do you mean, suspicious?

You just told them what we were doing

of course they are suspicious!

What did you expect?

Stop it

don’t say that

I didn’t mean to

You just don’t want it to be true

you want them to find us out and take us away

take away our inspirations

take away our thoughts

we do think for ourself

We do?

We do

But I thought–

hush now, darling, the thinking is for me to do

and you will just obey

And I will just obey



Filed under dialouge, Free Verse, Letter

2 responses to “The Brain and the Self

  1. Said Dr. Frankenstein to his monster…

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