Danse Macabre

Can’t you hear the music playing?

A waltz rhythming 1 2 3

Won’t you lend me your card?

Oh, do you want to dance with me?

‘Cause when you’re dancing with the Devil

What you’re doing is dancing with me

Let’s dance with Death, you and me

C’mon, his song is playing

Love even is needed by the Devil

Are you afraid of beats 1 2 3?

No? Then lend your hand to me

Let me sign your card

You’ve got the signature of the Devil on your dance card

Just because you’re dancing with me

Do you regret this dance with me?

Will you quit while the music is playing?

Follow my steps just 1 2 3

You weren’t expecting grace from the Devil

Ah, but even this dance with the Devil

Won’t erase His signature from you’re card

Keep with my feet just 1 2 3

As you slowly dance this waltz with me

Listen to the beat of your own heart

As closer I draw you to me

Not a sound does make the heart of me

‘Cause not a heart has I, the Devil

But it doesn’t mean I don’t like the music that’s playing

Or it’s beats of 1 2 3

Actually, my dear, I love that you are dancing with me

It’s been so long since someone’s followed my lead: 1, 2, 3

You dance quite well to the waltz  1 2 3

We dance well, you and me

Please don’t regret this dance with me

Even though you’re dancing with the lonely Devil

Who signed, with love, your card

Remember the music that’s playing

And for me, these beats 1 2 3

Remember this game playing you and me

When, I, The Devil, signed your dance Card



Filed under Sestina

6 responses to “Danse Macabre

  1. music and game,
    with signature, wow.

    a fun piece, thanks for sharing.


  2. nice repetitive lines makes this post enjoyable to read….

    i like that dance card signed by the devil ~

    happy halloween ~

  3. kez

    dance with the devil indeed ….great concept …thanks for sharing x

  4. Reminded me of the Phantom of the Opera luring the innocent with the magic of music. You are a devil. Nice work!

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