She dances in the rain

In her little bare feet

Not caring or seeming to notice

How others called the day dreary

Jumping puddle to puddle

Splashing, smiling, laughing

In the face of all she goes laughing

Basking always in the rain

Her feelings don’t puddle

Around her soft little feet

Nothing about her is ever dreary

But no one seems to notice

Impossible for this wonder, how can no one notice?

As every day she lives splashing, smiling, laughing

Her love makes the sunshine seem dreary

But her love was always the rain

And the feel of it on her feet

Hopping from puddle to puddle

As if the spirit of happiness were in those puddles

It didn’t matter that to her that no one noticed

She was happy with her puddles and her own two feet

Despite all odds, splashing, smiling, laughing

In the dark, in the rain

In the pain, in the dreary

Her smile lights up the world so dreary

As she skips puddle to puddle

She could only be as happy as this in the rain

Nothing else would she notice

Just the sound of her splashing, smiling, laughing

And her softly dancing feet

Her ever dancing feet

Keep the world from becoming to dreary

Keep the earth laughing

Safe from sinking into a puddle

And every one would notice

In a world with no more rain

Her laughing, happy feet

Keep at bay the rain and dreary

And the girl that laughs in the puddle, is now the one that everyone will notice



Filed under Sestina

2 responses to “Amelia

  1. You paint a lovely picture here 🙂

  2. This is beautiful. I think I would like to be her for a day or two… =)

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