Indignant Confusions

Tossed around an ocean
Filled with loathing, filled with hate
Searching for anything to give life to my
Spiteful indignations
For something to make sense
Or rid me of this pitiful meaningless angst
That only builds way to my own self pity
A party to which I have pretended to invite many
Only so that later I can say
‘No one cared enough to come’
So that I can throw myself into an ocean of meaning
Only to be spat back upon the shores of
Indignant confusions



Filed under Free Verse

2 responses to “Indignant Confusions

  1. Very nice. I love it. I’ve had many pity parties for one and I didn’t even show all the time. Your poem is excellent.

  2. Hahaha
    It usually works better if you come…
    Thanks for the compliments!

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