A Child of God

How can I forget that I love you?

How can I do all these things to you?

How could I hate anyone so much

to do what I’ve done to you?


I’m sorry I’ve disappointed you

I’m sorry I haven’t been perfect

I’m sorry I haven’t lived up to the title you gave me


Help me to be a child of God.



Filed under Free Verse

8 responses to “A Child of God

  1. Thank goodness God does not expect us to be perfect…your poem speaks repentance…I feel God would say I understand

  2. Well said. I have had these thoughts about close personal relationships as well. There is a great benefit in realizing ones own shortcomings, and the persisting in seeing the truth will set one free in the end I believe 🙂

  3. That’s why God gives us grace 🙂 He knows I’ve needed it many times throughout my life! Blessings, Teresa

  4. Love this one–always good to be reminded of our shortcomings, and yet God is loving and forgiving despite those.

  5. What a powerful poem! Excellent

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