In the silence of the night
I pretend to hear you calling
saying my name in the way that
only you could
a name that
in your mouth
is music unparalleled
But when I call myself to listen
all I can really bear to hear
is the sound of my own heartbeat
and my lungs as they take in air.



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18 responses to “Noise

  1. beautiful.

    silence speaks loud most of the times.

  2. This is a beautiful love poem, but I sense it is more about loss. I love this phrase,
    “a name that
    in your mouth
    is music unparalleled”

    I lost my husband a little over two years ago, and these feelings parallel mine.


  3. You captured the still moments of the night … when silence can be deafening!

  4. only when i sit quite and listen deeply i hear the voice and the way she use to call my name with.

  5. I love your ending lined how you can only bear to hear the sounds of your own heartbeat

  6. carefully sought lines,

    very well done.

    Thanks for the visit to my place.

  7. Very beautiful! Loved it from the first line!

  8. Lovely imagery… and your line…

    ‘saying my name in the way that
    only you could’

    … is beautiful… some times your name is so safe and lovely in someone’s thought… and voice..

    Thanks for sharing. Look forward to your entry in the coming poetry picnic week 8 theme “Friends, relationship… ”


    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya

  9. Tricks of the mind
    The threads unwind
    Silence confines

    Nice write 🙂

  10. This is so stirring and sad…

  11. shail

    This is so beautiful and sad.

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