through the stories of the world
you try to understand
that which you’ve only seen
dry, cracked lips
speak the words slowly
a land aching for water
drowning in pain
of the concrete sidewalk
a comfortable bed
Something that gives me
strength instead
now open the door
let me sing to you
tales of the past
learn something too
in the stillness
now is long gone
we sing these words of truth
these words from you
But the pain, still swirling
like mist among our brains
is leaving us groggy
and drunk with wine
I can no longer see
why it is you hurt me
is that why say
that alcohol is the answer?
But if you let them tell you
no it’s not
they will
just try to bring the pain back
and do so against your will
just trust in your soul
let it leave you not behind
in a dry
world of mystery
and pain.


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One response to “Drowning

  1. Chimnese

    I like this one I can relate to near the end, drowning from what is inside u and the one u need hurting u.

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