World of Pain

Here in the sun
Of a bright, perfect day
I wish my insides matched the light
But no–
They can’t
Feelings betrayed
By the tears on my face
I want for it all to leave me
It won’t
Life still goes on
It’s hard to remember
That there are others in this world
than me
In pain
So many cry
To their gods in disdain
For relief from all the hurting
won’t come
I join
I am the same
I wish that I were you
For now, I dwell here, in the world
of pain.



Filed under Cinq-Cinquain

2 responses to “World of Pain

  1. Sad one here and I like the fact you acknowledged you aren’t the only one going through pain…but I’ll tell you, don’t wish you were anyone. Pray for strength to see you through, for after every night there is day and whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Hang in there and unleash the redemption in you. Well done.


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