Hearing him play it
in a way I know I never could
destroys me from the inside out
knowing I will never become what I want to be
because I didn’t start early enough



Filed under Free Verse

8 responses to “Drei

  1. Ina

    That feeling, I understand very well. I like the honosty in this, very well done!

  2. But you will play it like you, who started late. unless you choose not to even try…

  3. Oh, I can relate but play, play, and play some more! There’s always someday!

  4. Can relate to this (didn’t start piano until 17 and then with not very effective teachers.) You may not achieve concert level performance but by paying attention to the physical approach of whatever is being played (from piano to tennis) you can get very good and provide a very personal personal-fulfillment through your skill level.

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