Drei part 2

I wish I hated you
But I can’t say that I do
I hate myself
because I’m not you
You became the person
I always wanted to be
And you just don’t know
how much that hurts me
Even if I never say so
I really love you
I just hate that you can do
what I’ve always wanted to.

You’ve become my best friend
And I’m so close to you
I’ve bonded with you
in a way I’ve bonded with no other
you’re a best friend to me
and a dear little brother
I love you more than words can say
because we’ve found friendship
in a unique sort of way

I wish I could better convey
how much it is I love you
But I don’t think I will ever be able to say
without letting show
my disappointment
in my own selfish pride
getting in the way
my disappointment
in me


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One response to “Drei part 2

  1. Very brutally honest expression by the personna of the poem. Quite well done!

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