The First Snow and Carolyn

The harbinger of winter cometh
Big, fat flakes
fall from the grey
I shy from the cold
away from the window
shudder at the thought
now so close
unwelcome guest
at my doorstep

By the wrist
reluctantly dragged

then we dance in it together
no hats
no coats
no gloves
no shoes
catching wonder on our tongues
Singing carols a bit too early

Joy I was missing
found in your heart
the child within me
yearning to come out

into this wonderful
snow-globe heaven

My inner child
longs for where I belong
even more

For now,
this pleasure will suffice

the Joy I was longing for
finally found in your love
forgotten child buried within me
yearning to emerge

The Joy that Came



Filed under Free Verse

7 responses to “The First Snow and Carolyn

  1. always great to find your inner child

  2. very lovely.

    bittersweet sentiments.

  3. The inner child gives us strength – you really captured the joy of the first snow

  4. amazing how the memories is always there great sentiments of the inner child…

  5. whooaaa….. agreed with all of the comments. feel much younger when read this… πŸ˜€

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