The snow leaking through the roof
in a magic you can taste
slowly floating down among us
and filling our thoughts with innocence
And there, they live in a world
Untouched by the purity of snow
but here, it washes us away
and reminds us of what we’d like to keep
Come, join me this year
as dance we in our ever-returning childhood
Stick out your tongue and catch the magic
remember, relive
what you used to love



Filed under Free Verse

5 responses to “J’adore

  1. catch the magic 🙂 what a sweet enticing phrase!!! and yes playing in the snow is indeed magic!

    my entry: http://lynnaima.wordpress.com/2011/11/28/as-one/

  2. dynamic words, very beautiful job.


  3. i think there is magic in snow and in dancing…nice invitation…smiles.

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