Sometimes it’s easy
to cuddle this cat
to love her
and feed her cheesepuffs
and be her slave
but it’s hard when
I don’t have a little boy
or girl in my arms
to love
and dote upon
and feed her cheesepuffs
and love her
and be her slave
you got her for me
because I couldn’t bear children
and this was the next best thing
It’s easy to love my cat
but it’s hard to be alone



Filed under Free Verse

6 responses to “Dixie

  1. true,

    easy to love a cat, not willing to bear boredom.
    glad to see you share.

  2. very fabulous write,

    Merry Christmas,
    Thanks for serving Jingle Poetry Community,
    Stay Blessed,
    Have fun!

    Come to our week 19 poetry picnic today, have fun sharing.

  3. It pins the eyes for a moment. Various shared ….irony, self-pity, pain, ….? Good to be stumbled upon here.

  4. Lovely, happy/sad poem!! I really enjoyed it. Blessings, Terri

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