Red 2

And it’s so much easier

slip into the pain
let it take away
the pain of today
the pain of this day
just let it out
with the blood flow
wrap it around your brain
then wash it away
in the stains
or all those tears
all those bloody fucking tears
that make it so much harder
just to live
here with you
and I’m trying
oh I’m trying
to pray that you’ll be well
but it’s so
it’s oh so hard
and every day you make it harder
the stripes upon my back
where you’ve struck
don’t make it easier to love you
they won’t make me love you
but I don’t think you notice
or care
You don’t need love
you’ll settle for fear
but I must wash that fear away
in blood
and in tears


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  1. Great article, exactly what I was looking for.

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