You look at me
not as if I don’t belong on this planet
Not as if I’ve been plagued by sin
You don’t stare at this
Thing that I perceive a parasite–
Unexpected and unwanted–
You look into my eyes
and talk to me about everything
(Well, as long as it’s nothing)
You help me to forget
the things of my past
that define me now–
things that I didn’t do,
things I didn’t want–
and you help me
you revive me
And now I am becoming
a real person again
Thanks to you
Oh Thank You
The person I am around you
is who I want to be
help me grow
and become like that
even in the rain
even through the stares
and the curses
and the spitting
Help me be me around you
around them, too



Filed under Free Verse

2 responses to “Emma

  1. Wow beautiful 🙂
    Becoming the real person is worth it 🙂

  2. great free verse….

    you rock.

    happy new year.
    Thanks for the love to poets rally, keep it up.


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