Yes, I am tired
thanks for asking
But I’m not going to tell you why
I don’t care what you said
what I’ve shared in the past
That’s the reason
I won’t let you know
You’ve made me so tired
so sad and
so angry
When I spilled my blood to you in the beginning
you took my liver
and crushed all I had to give
How can you expect me
to share what I have now?
I still hate you
still so angry
but I’m trying to forgive
trying just because I can’t live
with so few bows in my quiver
so few friends at my side
Do not expect me to love you
or let you hear all my words
all the things I have to say to you
minimal, at best
You’re not my confidant
you never should have been
Get behind me
oh get behind me
I am still trying
but expect as much greatness
from me
as I received at your magnanimous hands


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