Sins of Man

Please stop staring at me, please

There’s nothing to see here, nothing to see

I never asked for this

It’s not my fault

Please, I didn’t bring this

I didn’t try to throw my life away

I didn’t want to sell myself in the darkness of the day

Please stop staring, it’s still me

I never wanted to be a mommy

I just wanted to help

and give Them eyes to see

I didn’t want this or bring it on me

But I won’t let Them suffer

I won’t let Them die for what

I didn’t want

This he did to me

But I shan’t be cruel,

Why should I make them suffer

For the

sins of man?

The sins of man

including me



Filed under Free Verse

3 responses to “Sins of Man

  1. Bob

    This is very powerful and leaves some haunting images in the mind, nice writing.

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