She catches the sun in her little hands

Breathes purple life into the glowing sphere

Doing things that only she understands

She knows purple light will fill them with cheer

She travels from place to place on wishes

Her snapping fingers make animals play

Out of the water jump all the fishes

And they always have fun, day after day

In her bright rainbow world, sun always shines

In her happy wonderland, all will smile

In her world, the word “color” redefines

She chooses only some to stay a while

Everyone hopes it is they who she will pick

In that beautiful land of visual music



Filed under Sonnett

28 responses to “Lieren

  1. delightful, love how she catches the sun….

    thanks for sharing.

  2. i like how she can get the animals to come out and play
    bumble bee

  3. A beautiful land of music ~

  4. Ahhhh. This was a wonderful poem. up beat and inspiring

  5. Love how she chooses only some. This is magic. Ha-ha!

  6. Marvelous poem!!!! I loved it 🙂 grins, Terri

  7. A beautiful, imaginary playland. I felt I was in the mind of a playing child.

  8. Beautifully crafted lines. Love it 🙂

  9. a child’s play, you made it look easy writing it, totally enjoyable read and gooseberry entry! Enjoy!

  10. very playful and beautiful.

  11. Wow..really good one. Thank you for sharing.

  12. a child’s world of play and imagination…..i love it! thanks for sharing.

    i was about to post my link in the poetry picnic week 21 when the collection closed….guess i was so late. anyway, i still posted the poem in my blog. thank you very much for the invitation to join poetry picnic…God bless you!

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