The Fuchsia House

It had no postal address

No driving directions or path marked

It was more than just a dwelling place

or even a landmark

it was legend.

It had no real name

not one that people know


“The Fuchsia House”

and people knew what to do.

If one dared ask

“How do I get there?”

The pueblo would know

”you’re not from ’round here”

and wouldn’t tell where to go.

Despite it’s bright color

the children knew to stay away

except the fearless little girl

with light brown braided hair

“Go close enough to touch it–

just once.”

They’d dare her with curious, malicious, eyes

But Leilia wouldn’t touch it,

she would step inside.

After an hour of waiting

the children all ran away

but Leilia didn’t come home that night

nor did she return the next day

Often, the pueblo would search round the grounds

but poor little Leilia,

She was never found

And to this day as all pass

The Fuchsia House

day by day

Often, you can hear all the people say

I hope she’s happy now

I wish she’d stayed away



Filed under Free Verse, Rhyming Couplet

2 responses to “The Fuchsia House

  1. Bob

    Wow this is a great (albeit chilling) story and I love those last two lines.

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