Girl Scout Cookies

Help me think through deepest day

as I wallow in the misery at night

too fucked to reach for vodka

passing around an empty box of thin mints instead

Angrily, hungrily

I don’t hate them

I don’t hate them

If I have to convince myself

Is it worth it?

Is it true?

Is it fair?

Never fair to them

never fair to us

Living life in shades of anger

Dragged through the railways of my mind



Filed under Free Verse

10 responses to “Girl Scout Cookies

  1. still thinking about the title and the emotions herein, a sense of despair I sense, interesting write!!!

    happy gooseberry day! 🙂

  2. Open another box will ya?

  3. I used to have professor sell these to university colleagues for her high school daughter,

    a fun theme, lovely word flow.

  4. the title is intriguing cos the poem has deep emotions of anguish in the lines…

  5. Amazingly troubled… I want to know more. This is really wonderful!

  6. sweet reminders,

    have fun today.

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