I don’t hate you, I never did, and I never will

The worst mother you could ask for

holding you

within my womb

What did you do?

there’s nothing you could have done


I want to repair this

how could I have?

I was scared

I was lonely

I wanted them to understand

I didn’t want them to take pity

an explanation


not an excuse

“I hate this”

“I hate these children”

“I never wanted this”

“I’m tired of all this shit”

Words that I committed

they will haunt me forever

I want to apologize

to make things right

but how can I?


so short now

9 months seemed like


8 months ago

Damn this


I want to tell you

I love you–

I love you

But how will you ever know?

I love you more than life itself




forgive me


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