On Age

This was supposed to be

a great time for you and me

a time for bonding and love

a time to reflect on what we got from above

a time to solidify that which we built

a time of intimacy, a time of no guilt


But you pulled away from me

I am the last person that you want to see

we had such a beautiful friendship

now, on your screen, I am an unpleasant blip


What happened to make you hate me so?

Without you, I’ve hit an all-time low

Please help me solve this pain inside

This is a pain I cannot abide



I’m finding it so hard to forgive

this new way in which you’ve chosen to live


But I–


I will forgive you

This is the way I’ve chosen to live for you

Trust you again,

I never will

But I will forgive you

even against my will


Chances will come ample to you

I hope, in time, you’ll forgive me, too


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